20 Proven Reasons Why to Have Fish as Pets

To have a pet has a lot of benefits. It goes for every pet. It could also be hard to decide what the benefit of a pet is when you cannot pet it and really interact with it.

The main reasons why to have fish as pets is that they are cheap, beautiful, easy to maintain, improve creativity, and are easy for children to take care of.

I know I had a lot of thoughts on why to keep fish as pets but I didn’t regret my final decision of having fish as pets. Here are all the proven benefits to have a fish as a pet!

1. Cheap

First of all, fish are cheap to keep. The monthly cost does not add up much. The starting cost could be rather expensive costing a couple of 100 dollars but the continuous cost is not that much compared to other animals.

If you take a look at cats and dogs the cost could run away rather quickly with food and toys and similar things to keep them occupied. That’s not the case with fish. Sure the food is a cost for fish too but a fish doesn’t eat as much as a cat or a dog does, thus making the cost of food lower than it costs for a cat or a dog.

The startup cost is expensive for the fish since you need to buy the fish tank and everything inside it but that’s a one-time cost that will last you a very long time.

The fish itself is cheap too. Now, there are some instances where fish could be very expensive but compared to many other animals fish is cheap. Some just cost a dollar or two. You could even earn money from keeping fish if you get fry and sell them.

2. Colorful

Fish are colorful. They come in different variations and colors.

There are not a lot of animals that come in such a big variation in color, size, and shape. If you don’t want colors it’s fine too, since some fishes have a dark color and are practically invisible.

A lot of fish are blue, such as neon tetra, some species of gourami, bettas could be blue, discus fish too. As you see a lot of fish do come in blue color, which also happens to be most people’s favorite color.

It’s not even hard to find fish in red color, which is the second most favorite color of humanity.

As you see, it’s not hard to like the colors of fish. There is almost a guarantee you will find a fish for your fish tank that is in your favorite color.

3. Easy to travel with

It’s not hard to take a trip when having fish. It’s harder to travel the world with any other pet, like dogs or cats since they require a lot more care from you.

It requires a little bit of preparation though. Before travel, you need to make sure that the water is safe for the duration of the trip by doing a water change. You should also have anyone come over to feed your fish and check that everything is okay in the tank.

If you have someone coming over to look after your fish, called a fish sitter, don’t know how to do it. Then it’s easy to teach them what to do and how to do it. The learning curve is not very steep for most people.

If you don’t have someone come over it’s fine too. You could get an automatic feeder for your fish tank and it will do the job.

I have a 10 step guide where I go through everything to think of while going on a vacation with fish if you want to know exactly how to safely travel with fish.

4. Doesn’t require all your attention

A dog or a cat jumping up into the bed, waking you up. Your bird decides to wake you up at 4 in the morning. These situations will not happen with fish as pets.

While it could be nice and cozy to snuggle with your pet in the bed, there are these situations you just don’t want to get up. The problem? It’s the pet that decides when it will snuggle, not you.

Some pets you decide to snuggle with, like a guinea pig but they need just a little more attention from you.

Fish on the other hand will not yell at you in the morning, they don’t need you sitting there and watch them even though some fish really want to do a show in front of you when sitting there in front of the fish tank.

All this is up to you to decide when to do it. If you don’t want to sit and look at your fish (why wouldn’t you?) and instead sleep an hour more in the morning, they are fine with it! You decide everything! Even when the light should be on. With fish as a pet, you have the control and you decide what you want!

5. Calming

When I come home after a hectic day, I feel very tired and a little stressed. There is usually a lot in my mind and I need to clean it out to feel calm in my body and mind. I could meditate (and have done it) but nothing compares to sit in front of my fish tank and just look at the smooth moving of the fish.

The movement of the fish, the waves of the surface, and the moving of the plants have a calming effect on you. You sit there, look at the life in there and your thoughts are wandering away, maybe to a beach, maybe to a calmer place.

It’s proven that a fish tank is calming for the mind and lowers anxiety. That’s why you very often see a fish tank in a dentist’s waiting room.

A lot of people have a fear of dentists and the fish tank have a calming effect. It’s not uncommon for you to sit there for a while and wait for your name to be called and the beautiful and often big fish tanks in the waiting room will lower your anxiety.

So next time you are at the dentist’s office and feel the anxious feeling creeping on. Look at the fish tank and feel the calm.

6. A piece of furniture in your house

A fish tank is a beautiful piece of furniture in your house. It doesn’t matter if you live big or if you live small, there’s always space for a fish tank.

A fish tank is a light. It could be the perfect furniture if you have a dark spot in the house that needs light. Instead of putting in a boring lamp, put in a fish tank and it will shine up your dark corner in your house.

Not only does it provide light, but it also provides movement. How boring is it with a table, chair, lamp, or another piece of furniture just standing there? With a fish tank, you get movement and life in that part of the house. Instead of putting in a TV or other piece of furniture giving movement. Put in a fish tank!

The fish tank is a more organic movement than the TV. The TV flickers, which gives the illusion of movement on the screen. It’s called frequency rate and is tiring for the eyes.

The fish tank light is also flickering, it’s not at a rate that is as tiring for the eyes as a TV for example.

7. Easy for children

As stated before, the learning curve is not steep which makes it easy for children to learn how to take care of fish. If you forget to give the fish food it’s not the end of the world. The fish will generally be fine.

Children’s attention span is also very short which makes them prone to just go do anything else. While a child is doing anything it could suddenly lose interest and do anything else. If the child is walking the dog, it cannot just release the dog and god o something else.

With fish, the child is free to do anything else, whenever it wants. That will also make the child have an interest in the fish for a longer period of time when it doesn’t have to do anything. The child does what it wants when it wants with the pet.

With that said you as an adult have the responsibility for the fish and need to be sure that the fish gets food, change the water, and be sure that the fish is fine.

By taking care of fish (or any pet), your child will get improved empathy and learn how to take care of others in a respectful way.

8. Enhance creativity

Your creativity will get improved with a fish tank!

First of all, you have to put the tank somewhere and that could be a hard decision if you live in a small space. The fish tanks do come in different sizes and shapes and it could be a hard task to find a place to put your tank.

But with some creativity, you will find a way to put it somewhere. Maybe get a custom-made tank? Maybe put it somewhere else? The options are, believe it or not, endless. Even in a small space!

The other way a fish tank will improve your creativity is what you put into your fish tank. There are a lot of options to chose from. What substrate, type of plants, rocks, and wood should you chose? We all want a beautiful tank and choosing from the endless options is something that could take years to decide.

While choosing you also need to consider the water parameters.

There are a lot to consider and a lot to choose from. That makes you sometimes come up with creative solutions which makes you a more creative person.

9. Rewarding

It’s also rewarding having a fish tank. When you do everything correctly you will see it in the fish tank. Your fish are happy and you don’t get algae growing which destroys the look. Your plants will also grow big and healthy if your fish tank is healthy.

With a well-maintained fish tank, your visitors will comment on your fish tank about how beautiful it is. That’s something that makes you feel good, knowing how much thought you have put in to chose the substrate, fish, and plants. And all that thought is resulting in such a beautiful piece into your house that everyone is commenting.

You will get these rewarding comments and responses from other pets too but with fish, you will get an instant response. The algae growth is telling you very clearly when something is wrong, and that’s very quickly.

With such a rewarding hobby it could sometimes be frustrating if something goes wrong. Algae grow and not disappearing, plants don’t grow. But the reward is so much bigger when you figure out what’s wrong and can fix it.

10. Customizable

A fish tank is very customizable. As stated before, the tank itself is coming in various sizes and shapes. If you want a big tank, you could choose it. If you want a tank in the corner, go get it!

There are over 30,000 species of freshwater fish in the world. You are not able to choose between all of those since only a tiny bit is kept in fish tanks. of only 0.5% is kept in a fish tank, you have 150 different species of fish to choose from.

If you go into a pet store, you will see that there are a lot of different fish to choose from. The same goes for plants.

Also, the choice of the stuff you put into the fish tank is endless. You could get naturally occurred stones, wood, or leaves. Or you could get plastic (fish-friendly) figurines to put in to get another type of look.

You can put in anything you want, as long it is compatible with fish tanks. If something is dangerous for the fish, you will find something else to replace it with, guaranteed.

11. Quiet

Fish don’t bark, fish don’t meow. Fish don’t talk, fish are quiet. That makes them perfect to have in any room of your house. You can have then in your living room, you can have them in your bedroom. Why not in the hallway?

They will not disturb you with anything you do. While studying I sat beside my fish tank and didn’t get disturbed.

The only sound you might get from a fish tank is the splashing of water from the filter. Most pumps are quiet but with some pumps, you could get a small buzzing noise which could be irritating.

12. A hobby to keep you occupied

Fishkeeping is a hobby. A hobby is good to have since it keeps you occupied with other things in your free time. You are also able to decide how much time you want to put on your hobby if you feel you have a lot to do.

A hobby is good to have since it will relieve stress and you do something you enjoy which makes you happier. This is also a hobby where you never learn enough.

There is always something new to learn about keeping fish. Even I learn new stuff every day. This hobby will get you into this rabbit hole where you starting to think about what your next fish should be and then you research and find very interesting fish and facts about fish that you never even thought of before.

And it’s not only fish, you start research plants and look into stones and wood. You will learn a lot with fish keeping as a hobby. Not only about fish but also about geology and biology.

13. You decide how advanced you should get

The level of advancedness is very varied with keeping fish as a pet.

You could get very basic and only have some stones, easy to care plants and fish. While going for this route, you don’t need a lot of knowledge. Just basic knowledge will get you far and will make you enjoy your pet.

Then you could get very advanced with different kinds of filters, rare fish that need a lot of care, multiple fish tanks, and more.

The good thing is that you decide how advanced you should get with your fish keeping. In the beginning, you probably want to go for the more basic route, just to try if fish keeping is for you. If it is, you probably will go after the more advanced route.

The thing is, when starting with fish keeping, you don’t need a lot of stuff and knowledge. You don’t even need a lot of time to take care of your fish.

But you could get a lot of stuff and spend a lot of time on your fish. If you want. Other pets usually need a certain level of expertise to take care of which is much higher than it is for fish.

14. Large community

Fish is the third most kept pet in the world. After dogs and cats. That makes it have a large community where you could share and get information worldwide.

With a search on the internet, you will find countless clubs and communities that are focused on fish keeping. You will find friendly people that you can connect with.

The people keeping fish are of different ages. You will find someone in your age, and you will find someone older (and younger) who has kept fish for a long time. Make them your mentor and learn from their years of experience!

Since there is such a large community, you could even find groups traveling the world together.

15. Allergy-friendly

Fish are allergy-friendly. Everyone can keep them and handle them without the risk of getting an allergic reaction.

The fish doesn’t have any pelt that is a common cause of allergies and the fish are also in the water, making it hard for you to come in contact with them. The only thing you could be allergic to is the conditioner you need to the water during the water change.

If that’s the case, just switch the conditioner and you will be fine.

It’s also good to have such an allergy-friendly pet since you could ask someone to help you with your fish without any doubt of being able to do it or not because of allergies.

You might get some dry hands while handling the water, but that’s not an allergic reaction. That’s dryness which is the same type while taking too many showers and baths. Just moisturize your hands after handling the water and you will be fine.

16. Doesn’t affect your work or studies

There are a lot of different works. Some work from home, others have to be at a specific place to work, like in a store. Some work outside.

Not all of the type of work on this planet is suitable to also take care of pets. Especially the type of work where you travel a lot. It’s hard to keep a pet needing a lot of care such as taking regular walks if you need to be at work.

Fish doesn’t have those problems. A fish could stay at home the whole day if needed (although not recommended, fish needs love too from its owners) and welcome you back after a day at work.

In my experience, working in a store (which was within the medical category) I was not able to bring any animals to work. Not even the customers were able to. If I or my colleagues had a pet needing a lot of care, we wouldn’t be able to take care of them the right way.

17. You could get some workout (if you want)

You will actually get some workout without having to go to the gym while keeping fish. That maybe sounds strange but you will be lifting 2-3 gallons (10 liters) a couple of times every week while having a fish tank.

That will be the equivalent of lifting about 66 pounds (30 kilos) or more every week in form of water. Lifting heavy things is one of the best types of exercise to build and keep your muscles. Once a week should be sufficient to keep muscles.

Now, the excersise comes in the form of water changes. Every week you should change some water in the fish tank and the most common way is to use a bucket and a siphon. A siphon is only working if the water level that you are siphoning out from are higher than the container siphoning into.

That makes it easy for you to siphon out from the fish tank without any workout but siphoning water back into the fish tank makes it a little more laborious. That’s because you have to lift a bucket filled with water over the level of water in the fish tank.

It’s not uncommon for a fish tank to be over 3 feet (1 meter) in height which makes lifting of a 22 lbs (10 kg) bucket sometimes quite heavy when needing to lift it from the floor up 3 feet (1 meter).

There are solutions for you to not lift a heavy bucket. There are tubes to connect with your tap and fill it from there so the heavy lifting is only optional but it’s a good workout once a week so do it if you can!

A water change should not be a replacement for normal workouts. See it as an addition and keep going to your workouts that you normally (should) do.

18. Low maintenance

Fish is a low-maintenance pet. The fish only really need a water change once a week. The water change should be done once a week and depending on the size and amount of fish tanks you have the time spent changing water is not a lot.

You should change about a third of the water in the fish tank and the time of a 55 gallon (200 liters) fish tank is about 30-40 minutes and you should be done. During the water change you probably also trim your plants and that adds time.

The maintenance time of a fish tank is a maximum of 1.5 hours per 55-gallon tank making it less than it is for a lot of other pets. The feeding of fish is only a couple of literally seconds a day.

19. Available everywhere

The hobby of keeping fish is easy to start with. Since it is such a popular pet to keep, they are readily available all around the globe. It’s not hard to find a place close to you selling fish tank fish.

You could even get them delivered home, but that’s not recommended since it will stress the fish making them more prone to die when implementing them into the fish tank.

If you don’t have any stores close to you, you probably have someone keeping fish in your vicinity that can sell you some fish or get you in contact where they bought their fish helping you start fish keeping.

20. They are intelligent creatures

Fish are intelligent creatures. They know when you are going to feed dem. They see you in front of the fish tank and a lot of them want to interact with you when they see you.

They know if another fish is mean and they stay away from it and hide. They know every hiding spot in the tank and explore the tank very quickly when they are put in their new home. They are smarter than they look.


There are a lot of benefits to keeping fish. While deciding to get a pet, a lot of people think about furry animals to cuddle with but keeping fish has its strong points.

If you are a morning person (or evening person) the fish won’t disturb you. The cost and maintenance are often lower than most other pets. You could even decide how advanced you want to get with your fish while other pets need to have a certain level of knowledge and attention.

No wonder fish is the third most kept animal on the planet with all the benefits it has as a pet and it’s a fantastic animal.


I have been a fish keeper a big part of my life. During the years I have gathered and searched a lot of information about fish keeping and here, on the website, is where I share that information to help you with your fish keeping. I want to provide the information that I didn't get when I had a question about my fish tank.

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